Dedicated work that establishes a heartfelt connection, even with unseen faces

"In high school, the external coach who guided me was President Minaoro. We've had a connection since then," said Shitamichi. After graduating from university, he started going on the path of a banker. However, he felt like it wasn't his own path he was following. Thus, he took a leap of faith, quit his job, and while working part-time, he searched for his own calling. It was during that time that President Minaro reached out to him, offering a part-time job at Naro. Later on, he became a full-time employee.

Currently, He is responsible for handling orders for online shopping. "Although it's done through phone calls and faxes, when customers remember my name or when orders come from the places that I know, I think to myself, 'They rely on Naro because there must be no stores around there.' This makes me really happy," Shitamichi said. His honest personality is effectively conveyed to the people on the other end of the phone, therefore building trust in the company.

"Naro" is described as a store where the personality of the CEO is fully outstanding and that attracts a lot of customers. Shitamichi said "It is crucial for us to do our job diligently." They have a clear understanding of their roles and firmly support the foundation of "Naro."

[Text: Sports writer Yoko Yagi (from Waseda University softball tennis club) Photo: Hideto Ide]