Sports Naro opened in Yoyogi, Tokyo in April 1986 as Japan's first soft tennis specialty store.

※Soft tennis differs from regular tennis in that it uses soft rubber balls instead of hard yellow balls.

Sports Naro has moved twice since its opening, and the store is on the first floor of the President Minaro’s house.

It's in a suburban area surrounded by private houses and looks like an ordinary house at first glance, but when you open the door, inside is a  "Soft Tennis Wonderland"! 

The concept of New Naro is to return to the original idea of 30 years ago and once again be a “comfortable store for soft tennis lovers”.

This is a stylish shop where you can get a glimpse of the history of soft tennis, such as rackets from the Taisho period which is from 1912 ~ 1926, old posters of the tournaments, and the cover of a magazine titled "Softball Tennis" from just after the war.

This has changed to future tense, not sure why.

The size of the shop hasn’t changed much, but I would like to make it a shop where customers can enjoy themselves and chat about soft tennis.

(Badminton goods are also displayed in one corner of the store.)


Address 〒151-0053
1-15-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
About 4 minutes on foot from JR Yoyogi Station
Show route from current location

TEL 03-3320-0404
FAX 03-3320-5262

Business hours 11:00-19:30

Closed Mondays * Business day calendar
*Open temporarily on Mondays that fall on a national holiday and will be closed on the following Tuesday.